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This blog is dedicated to the art and misadventure of writing. For those of you who think you can master it, writing will spank you everytime. Better to kneel before it and accept the long trip through the tunnel where it will pummel you. If you emerge … and I do mean IF … you will be a broken shlump dump, but somehow better for the downward spiral. You will be transformed.

I’m one of those hoping to be a shlump dump. I’m Wendy Potocki, a New York writer with three finished books to my credit – or shame. I love Starbucks, chocolate and waxing poetic. Oh, and writing turns me on. I pursue it over hill and dale and in the crevices of my keyboard. A list of my works is as follows: The White Lady Murders, The Horns of September and The Man with the Blue Hat. All may be purchased and enjoyed so don’t hold yourself back or anything. They’re all in the horror/thriller category – some more gruesome than others. It’ll be the perfect pick-up line for those wanting to find a mate. You can say, “Hey, you mind going home with me? I was told not to read this alone.” Mention it was me that told you and chances are … that you’ll be reading it all by your lonesome.

Read at your own risk. The writing bug just may bite you on your ankle. If it already has, heaven help you! Either way, sit, read, enjoy, commiserate or think yourself superior at the barrage of bad English and typos. I plan on being known for both.

In the words of the great will.i.am, “Mazel tov!”


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